Come on in and have a quick look at our Nik Nak Nook video for the most  unusual, unique, quality, handcrafted heirloom quality collectible knick knacks we can find. The knick knacks we offer are usually only found in tourist attraction, airport or hospital gift shops - those little mom & pop places - but they are here in our Nik Nak Nook for you now.

Hello and welcome to the Nik Nak Nook (home of unique handcrafted knick knacks) presented by This Is It Shops com LLC. Throughout this Covid-19 pandemic, we have continued to work closely with our 'mom & pop' partner/suppliers to finalize our Fall & Winter lineup of handcrafted knick knacks. Unfortunately we have had to discontinue our "FREE SHIPPING' option and have switched to "FLAT RATE SHIPPING." Please continue to browse our site often and watch for exciting changes and additions in the coming weeks. As always, we welcome your comments on our Facebook® page and you can even shop our knick knacks on Facebook®. 


We are a three generational USA (all American) family-owned and operated importing and retail company entering our 17th year doing business online under the 'thisisitshops' domain name and brand. We continue to be family owned and operated Online retail shops - eCommerce enterprises - all under the 'thisisitshops' domain name. Our family has been serving you, the consumer, on the Web since 2003 (on both eBay® and Amazon® as well as our own web stores) with our specialty and niche "ecommerce" stores - and we plan to be around for a long time to come. Our Baby Boomer founder has retired and has turned the operation of our ecommerce websites over to the Millennial and Generation X members of our family business. 

We are a well established small business with the D-U-N-S Number of 017101097.  This Is It Shops com L.L.C. also has a BBB® rating of A+ and we are working to obtain BBB® Accredidation. Just think of the "mom & pop" small town stores where the owner bends over backwards to take care of his or her customers - that's us! We are a small business and our partner/suppliers are also "mom & pop" type small businesses where every purchase helps to support a "family" and not a major corporation. This Is It Shops com, LLC always welcomes you to enjoy safe, secure, and pleasurable online shopping at  each of our This Is It Shops eCommerce stores. We think you'll find that customer service, personal service, is the philosophy at each of our This Is It Shops ecommerce stores. And remember, when you buy from us you are supporting small businesses, you are supporting moms & pops and their families.

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Native American 2020 Knick Knacks
Wooden Ship Model Knick Knacks
Ship in a Bottle Knick Knacks
Silk Flora Knick Knacks
Wooden Game Set Knick Knacks
Imported Wall Art Knick Knacks

As our video above shows, here in the Nik Nak Nook the hamdcrafted knick knacks we offer  are NOT those small, usually useless, trinkets or  obscure objects used around the home or office as decorator items. Instead, we seek to offer you the most  unusual, unique, quality, handcrafted heirloom quality knick knacks we can find. The knick knacks we offer are usually only found in tourist attraction, airport or hospital gift shops. Our collection of handcrafted knick knacks make great home accent gifts to spruce up any home or office decor. Because these handcrafted knick knacks are hard to find, they make great conversation knick knacks. You're in the right spot if you are looking for extraordinary, unique, and quality handcrafted knick knacks. instead of some useless trinket. 

Check out our newest additions to our  unique & unusual knick knacks. We are authorized re-sellers of genuine  Native American Arts & Crafts  from Kachina House® of Sedona AZ. Also check out our silk floral collection, we carry Nearly Natural® silk floral arrangements. We also have domestic (USA) handcrafted silk floral arrangements & plants as knick knacks to enhance an empty table, exquisite wood and imported alabaster chess & backgammon sets look great on a coffee table, handcrafted in USA wooden ship models to decorate a shelf or corner table,  and imported wall art tapestries as wall hangings or throw pillows will make exquisite heirloom quality gifts  - knick knacks -that will be cherished, treasured, and enhance the decorative style of any home or office. 
Please take some time to discover the ultimate in decorative heirloom quality home accents, handcrafted knick knacks to accent your home or office décor.  These handcrafted knick knacks are unique conversation pieces that can take their proper place in your home or office, passed down as an heirloom collectible handcrafted knick knack, or be gifted to others to enhance their home or office decor needs.


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