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This Is It Shops com LLC has a new name - we are now This Is It Shops ecomm LLC and we have been committed to bringing you the finest quality handcrafted knick knacks for more than thirty years; first through our pop-up flea market shops, then to our brick & mortar shop, and now here online in our Nik Nak Nook. And who doesn’t love knick-knacks? These miscellaneous objects are often full of sentimental value and remind you of your happiest memories. 

This website ( will continue to offer Black Forest knick knacks - cuckoo clocks, music boxes, nutcrackers & more. European wall art, fabric wall art - unique artisan-made tapestries, and authentic Vietnamese handcrafted home decor items - will also continue to be carried on this website.


Native American knick knacks, silk flora, handcrafted model ships and other nautical knick knacks will be relocated to another of our 'thisisitshops' websites currently being developed. Making this move to an additional website will allow us to expand our offerings of unique home decor accents or accessories for yourself or looking for cool home decor gifts for others.


Our collections will continue to focus on only unique handcrafted artisan-made knick knacks, artistic handcrafted wall art, uniques handcrafted nik naks for your shelf or table. These collections of beautiful arts and crafts are all created by independent indigenous people from across the globe. Each of our partner/suppliers are small family-owned businesses whom we deal directly with (shutting out any big business middlemen). We offfer Black Forest cuckoo clocks, European wall art, fabric wall art - unique artisan-made wreaths, tapestries, and authentic Vietnamese handcrafted home decor items that can be used as wall art or throw pillows. Any of our offerings will surely spruce up your home or office with great conversation pieces.


Browse our newest arrivals to our Collection of over 300 quality handcrafted artisan-made collectible knick knacks