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Black Forest Knick Knacks

Tradition and customs play an even more significant role in the Black Forest than in other areas of Germany.

The cuckoo clock, is not only a kind of symbol of the Black Forest, in the meantime it is also viewed by countries nearby and far away as THE German product par excellence. The clock industry with its world-famous cuckoo clocks remains an important branch of industry of the Black Forest. We are introducinhg our new collection of Black Forest knick knacks which includes handcrafted cuckoo clocks, weather houses, and just in - nutcrackers and music boxes - all handcrafted in the Black Forest region in Germany. We'll keep adding them as they become available!

Black Forest Weather Houses.png
Black Forest Nutcrackers & Music Boxes.png
Engstler Black Forest Clocks from Villingen-Schwenningen is a family business with heart and passion that extends over decades. Lot of times and a love for detail goes into the design of each cuckoo clock. The figurines for the clocks come from the Gardena Valley in South Tyrol and the the cases are produced from domestic linden wood. The family relies completely on the experience of the clock-making region of the Black Forest and procures the movements for their clocks from there directly. Engstler was instrumental in the development of the first quartz movement for cuckoo clocks; for many years they were the only company to offer quartz clocks.