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Some people prefer the tiniest Bonsai plant available, and for these people, our 8.5” Bonsai set fits the bill perfectly. Lovingly crafted from the finest materials, these miniature trees look so lush, and so real, that you’ll be tempted to water them! Standing 8.5” tall, and rising from a decorative pot, this three-plant grouping will add charm to any home or office setting.



Height: 8.5 In.

Depth: 5 In.

Width: 8.5 In.

Pot Size: W: 3.5 in, H: 2.25 in, L: 5 in

Planter, vase or basket is included in the height.

SKU: 4122

8.5" Bonsai Silk Plant Collection (Set of 3)

SKU: 4122
$77.99 Regular Price
$67.85Sale Price