Staunton Metal & Natural Wood Chess Set with Padauk & Maple Veneer Board

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The unique chessmen with this set are hand carved from the Ivory palm or Tagua palm that produces a nut that when dried is just like carving ivory. These palms are mostly found in South America. The nut has been traditionally used in making jewelry, beads, and buttons, but these chessmen are sure to have your friends talking. This Staunton Metal and Natural Wood chess set features 3 inch tall Kings. It comes with a Padauk and Maple veneer Board.


  • Staunton Metal and Natural Wood men  3"King Italy
  • Padauk/Maple veneer Board 17.3 inches square with1.75" squares
  • WW Chess - Italy-China
  • SKU: 141MW-PM
  • UPC: 035756141400


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